after final exams and before graduation, two future diplomats play a game they've put way too many hours into, and talk. a Lancer fan game set in that universe, but i hope it's at least a little good without knowing Lancer.

my first bitsy game, made for duojam.

ROSEATE is not an official Lancer product; it is a third party work, and is not affiliated with massif press. ROSEATE is published via the Lancer third party license. Lancer is copyright Massif Press.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Authorstephen statler
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy


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Fantastic! The slowly-unfolding narrative was really effective and moving, and really conveyed the still-tentative optimism of Union. Great use of “Dover Beach” woven into the story, too.

this was so incredibly lovely - just a snapshot of two characters, who we don't get introduced to but whose relationship and chemistry is so obvious, and whose love is so clear. especially liked the poetry and the tower with the metaphorical split keys. wonderful ^-^

Such an interesting concept. I loved how the game occurs in two different "planes". I didn't understand a few things, but I believe that didn't detract from the experience. The sprite work was rough but charming. Some of the rooms were absolutely stunning - specially the ones in the forest with all of the foliage. If you end up doing and update, please consider adding a looping track. I think it could enhance the experience.

I'm super glad you participated in the jam! This was good.

A very human narrative.  The way the dialogue progressed the game just as much as the gameplay drew me in and kept me there.  I don't know much about the Lancer universe or the original characters, however this game made me feel like I new everything I needed to know.  A very well told story and a very pretty game.  Fantastic job!

stephennnn your writing hits so hard. i know nothing abt lancer but the vibes and love between these characters comes across loud and clear. this is like interactive poetry, i love how the lil bitsy world frames the conversation

This game was beautiful! I'm not familiar with Lancer but I still really enjoyed it, and I love the concept of two people talking while playing a game. The rooms you made with bitsy look super nice too.